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Loan Programs


Whether you’re a first time home buyer or simply starting over, a First Time Home Buyer mortgage can help. It’s a fast, streamlined way to help new home buyers with the necessary cash at closing for their down payment and closing costs. Fixed and adjustable rate mortgage products up to 100% LTV/CLTV.


Conventional conforming home loan, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgage products, fixed period ARMs, and balloon loans to meet a lot of borrowers’ needs. For larger home mortgage loan amounts, there are jumbo home loans to $650,000, super jumbo loans to $1,000,000, and mega mortgage jumbo loan products to $2,000,000.


The Fast & Easy home loan program offers borrowers with excellent credit a home loan up to 90% LTV/CLTV without verification of assets or income. This home loan program offers a great price for borrowers with high quality credit. Just like its name, it’s fast, very easy and there’s an 80/10/10 with a Super Streamline HELOC under this home loan program to avoid Mortgage Insurance. Borrowers can be self employed or salaried, and there are no reserve requirements with a low down payment loan.

  • Expanded Criteria Home Mortgage Loan Program

Getting turned down or spending hours finding a mortgage loan just because your finances don’t fall within the “cookie cutter” criteria for a traditional mortgage loan program. Expanded Criteria loan program is the answer. These “A” paper mortgage loans are offered for fixed rates, ARMs and Conforming Fixed 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 & 10/1 ARMs. There are also many no income loan programs such as Reduced Doc, No Ratio and No Income/No Asset loan programs.

Zero Down Payment Assistance mortgage products:

  • Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • Zero Down Payment 103% Plan up to $375,000, a loan that allows borrower’s to finance up to 100% LTV. They can even include up to 3% closing costs and prepaid fees in the home loan amount, for a total loan LTV of 103%!*
  • Zero Down Payment, 80/20 with a combined mortgage loan amount up to $500,000.The second mortgage loan can be a HELOC or Fixed Rate and there are no home Mortgage Insurance loan requirements.

*Not available in all areas

  • FHA and VA Home Mortgage Loan Program
  • Common government home mortgage loans, including:
  • 203(b) Fixed Mortgage Rate Loan
  • 251 ARM home loan
  • 234(c) Condo Financing home loan
  • FHA Streamline Refinance home loan
  • VA IRRRLs (interest rate reduction refinance home loan)
  • Teacher Next Door home loan

Many government loans allow minimum down payment and/or down payment assistance home loan for a true zero no down payment home buyer loan.